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5 Steps to Nail Team Communication in your Salon

Life in a salon is fast paced, full of constant excitement and change. But without great communication and structure, managing a team in this environment can become stressful to say the least. Constantly putting out fires that your team throw at you the minute you walk in the door can wear you down.

So how can a busy salon owner keep a team on track and prevent the overwhelm, without cutting into valuable time managing client care, marketing programs and all the other things required from you as lead of a business.

Creating the time and space to have regular and structured communication with your team is key. Yea, you’ve heard it before.. But are you doing it? Team meetings are the perfect way to facilitate this. Not only do team members love the opportunity to come together and share their thoughts and get involved in the running of the salon. From a managerial perspective, it’s a great way to share thoughts, ideas and the future vision of the business with them - It gets more buy in from your team in the long run.

If consistent communication and team meetings are key to the salon success, how do you build a culture of communication into the running of your salon? Over on the Podcast we chatted with Amy Carter, Salon Manager Rush Salons, London and she shares her top tips for running successful team meetings in your salon.

5 Steps to Nail Team Communication in your Salon


Written by: Nilesh Saidane
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