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How to Attract a Rockstar Team into your Salon

First, she must know that you exist, and you are looking for THEM to join your awesome team. You also want them to take action and apply for the position you have available not just scroll on past and carry on with her life - too many good people get away from us.

First, you must get really clear on the skills and qualities of your Ideal Employee. Sounds obvious maybe, but... answer these questions before you start.

Is she Qualified, in training or a beginner? Does she need to have years of experience?

What about client care qualities & skills? Technical Skills and ability?

Her attitude toward life? Do you need a Team Player or a someone self-driven and happy to work unsupervised? Is she self-assured or mouldable as you train her?

What are her personal interests? Do you want someone who is similar or different to the rest of your team?

When you are clear on WHO you want in your business you can construct an ad that speaks directly to your ideal employee.

How to Attract a Rockstar Team into your Salon

Written by: Nilesh Saidane
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