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How Salon Mums Juggle Business And Family

Being a parent and a business owner is an emotional cocktail that can drive us for success or drive us mad.

A salon business is built around making our clients happy - we’re in the service industry after all.

Too often this translates into saying ‘yes’ to everyone. Yes to the needs of your team, yes to the needs of your clients. Only to get home and continue to serve the needs of your children and household demands, this can come at the expense of yourself and your relationships.

Business ownership takes it’s toll on family life with the pressures of working to hard and not being fully present when at home.

Lauren owns a salon in Canada called Signature Style Hair and also works with other salon owners as a Business Consultant, a field she was originally trained in.

As her salon grew and family pressure mounted, Lauren knew she needed to make changes within her business which would allow her to spend more time with her kids.

She put some brave yet simple steps in place to help bring her home-life and business back into balance, including making more profit too. She shares with us exactly how.

How Salon Mums Juggle Business And Family

Written by: Nilesh Saidane
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